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Starting this week, U.S. citizens will have the ability to pay their bills for utilities, taxes, and even mortgages through crypto. 

The capability is being offered through Bitrefill, a Swedish tech startup that previously launched in El Salvador. Its Pay Bill service allows Americans to pay for bills using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Tether, among other virtual assets.

The service will be integrated with T-Mobile, American Express, State Farm, Wells Fargo, United Healthcare, and Liberty Mutual, among other companies. 

To deliver this service, Bitrefill is partnering with payments platform Arcus Financial, which was taken over by MasterCard last year.

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“With Bitrefill’s Bill Pay, everyone in the U.S. will soon have the same opportunity as in El Salvador to live on crypto and leave your bank,” said Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill.

Kotliar was referencing the fact that Bitrefill’s Pay Bill Service launched in El Salvador last year after the country made Bitcoin legal tender. The CEO says the company enjoys a monthly growth of 100 to 200 percent in the Central American country.

For now, the Pay Bill service will let people use crypto to pay for utilities, mortgages, property taxes, and funeral service payments.

“They say there are only two certain things in life - death and taxes,” said Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill. “Now you can pay both your tax and funeral costs with crypto.”