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What Can Crypto Do for Puerto Rico?

The founders of Uncommon EntrePReneurs want to build bridges from blockchain.

Puerto Rico has become a destination for crypto aficionados across the world—but what can blockchain do for Puerto Rico?

Drew Cutkomp and Brian Bourgerie founded the organization Uncommon EntrePReneurs partly to address that question. Beyond the incentives the island offers to crypto newcomers—from tax incentives to balmy weather—they see blockchain as a tool to empower locals. As Blockchain Week begins in Puerto Rico, Cutkomp and Bourgerie discussed their company’s aims on a Roundtable panel.

The duo started their company two years ago in hopes of bridging the gap between Puerto Ricans and recent arrivals to the island who were drawn by the crypto community. “Both sides have chips to bring to the table,” Cutkomp said. Uncommon EntrePReneurs seeks to unify the sides and break down existing barriers.

Toward this end , the duo has spent the last two years hosting blockchain-related events across the island, drawing crowds in the hundreds. This Blockchain Week, they’re putting on events for a broad cross-section of attendees, from blockchain buffs to newcomers. 

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“You're going to see high-profile crypto elite stuff all the way down to 'what-the-heck-is-blockchain?' in English and Spanish,” Bourgerie said. “It doesn’t matter where you are [or] who you are. It doesn’t matter what you look like. You don’t have to ask permission to do this, or cross whatever border.”

That’s particularly true in Puerto Rico. The Uncommon EntrePReneurs team sees decentralization as a unique asset of the local blockchain community. Whereas other cities’ crypto events often boast government sponsors, Puerto Rico’s blockchain week is more organic—as decentralized as the blockchain itself.  

“There’s not just one group driving everything,” Bourgerie said. “You don’t have to ask anyone for permission.”

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