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Ukraine's Weapons: Web3 and Humor

From their use of technology to their relentless optimism, a group of Ukrainian technologists explain why they see their country as poised to win the war with Russia.

After Ukraine became one of the first countries to legalize blockchain, the global blockchain community has played an unprecedented role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. A panel of Ukrainian blockchain founders joined Roundtable to discuss the ongoing war.

In this segment, the panel discusses how Ukrainians are staying ahead of Russia's military strategy.

Pavel Kravchenko notes that, particularly with regards to technology, Putin continues to act on a 20th-century playbook.

"Everybody was laughing when Putin was bombing TV stations," he said. "That was from the old script that he got from communist, like first you need to take the TV station and the telegraphs. Now everyone just uses the internet."

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Alex Fisun attributes some of the ongoing success to Ukrainian's unique character and ingenuity.

"In Kiev we have dodgy places where people steal your phone. When Russians arrived, people stole their tank without any weapons and guns," he recounted. "So Ukrainians stay Ukrainians, no matter what happens."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests

Andrii Lazorenko, CEO and Co-founder, Ideasoft

Olena Petrashchuk, CEO, 4ire Labs; Partner, Datrics

Pavel Kravchenko, CEO and Co-founder, Distributed Labs

Mike Yezhov, Co-founder, Zpoken

Alex Fisun, Co-founder, Global Ledger