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Meet the Puerto Rico Blockchain Association

Combining advocacy and education, the PRBA seeks to advance blockchain culture and access on the island.

Keiko Yoshino founded the Puerto Rico Blockchain Association last year to raise awareness around blockchain technology and associated legislation and public policy. Early on, however, she realized most people didn’t understand the basics of crypto. In response, she added a large education plank to the organization's mission.

“I explained to my members, 'I can't grow flowers on cement. We need to do the work. We need to build that organic community. We need to get buy-in. We need people to trust us. They need to get to know us,” Yoshino said.

To achieve this, Yoshino focuses on creating an inclusive and accessible community that is open to everyone. Even with abundant online resources available to teach people about blockchain and crypto, Yoshino said it can be difficult to know where to begin.

“I went to law school and I think that was easier than learning about blockchain," she said. "[In law school] there's a textbook and then there's outlines and you can look it up. There's no course curriculum available for blockchain. People say, ‘go watch a YouTube video. Well, which one? I don't know anything about it.’”

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In October, the Puerto Rico Blockchain Association held an educational workshop (in English and Spanish) that functioned as a general introduction to the world of blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs, and more.

“We were pretty proud of the turnout and the response. People are interested. They want to know,” Yoshino said.