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Brock Pierce Files Paperwork for 2022 Vermont Senate Run

Will the Green Mountain state become the bitcoin state?

Brock Pierce has officially filed to compete for the senate seat long held by the Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, who has announced he will not seek re-election in 2022. 

In an interview with Roundtable during Puerto Rico Blockchain Week, the crypto pioneer described Vermont as ideally suited to door-to-door campaigning and meaningful conversations with voters. "In the next eleven months, I'm going to every door to try to talk to 250,000 people. It's small enough to talk to every voter." 

Pierce said the belief that Vermont is hardwired to vote Democratic is belied by a more complicated political reality. "It's a misconception, because for the last 30 years they have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats," Pierce said. "But they have a Republican governor. They want to know their candidates. They vote for people over party.”  

Pierce explained that his work investing in Puerto Rico has helped him understand the importance of one-on-one conversations, rather than appearing at a presumptuous distance on a perceived “high horse.” 

To allay concerns that he is a self-interested "carpetbagger", Pierce pointed to his intentions and record in Puerto Rico—a relatively isolated place that, like rural New England, has historically been suspicious of outsiders.     

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“Every dollar of profit I make off of my investments in Puerto Rico are going to be reinvested in Puerto Rico, or given to charity. I'm not going to take one cent from this island,” Pierce said.

Pierce explained his potential candidacy as an extension of his life's work, as well as a reflection of larger shifts underway in U.S. politics. 

“There is a new paradigm coming," he said. "It's the United States of America 2.0. You're stepping into the 21st century. And with that, you either change or get out of the way."   

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