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"Crypto is for Free People": on the Blockchain in Ukraine

Ukrainian Vladimir Karishev explores why the blockchain has become so popular in his home country.

The blockchain has played a crucial role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but Ukraine has been home to Web3 innovation since long before the invasion. Vladimir Karishev, the Ukrainian founder of Global Ledger, joined Roundtable to discsus blockchain technology in Ukraine.

In this segment, Karishev explains why blockchain has so appealed to Ukrainians, making it one of the countries with the highest crypto adoption rates.

He notes that Ukraine has produced technology specialists all across Web3, partially because of the high level of mathematics education in the country, but also because of a culture that prioritizes autonomy.

"In Ukraine, Web3 was one of the social elevators. We're a nation of hackers and a nation of free people," he said. "Crypto is a currency for the free people. This is what we truly believe. That's why Ukraine has a such crazy adoption."

Karishev intends to protect that freedom and autonomy within the crypto space, particularly with Global Ledger: he argues that it's important to keep crypto for becoming yet another tool of the elite.

"We don't want to see the dark money of the Russian oligarchs and all these Putin supporters," he said. "We don't want this money here. We don't want to see our playground as a money-laundering mechanism for the big old warmongers from Russia."

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Already, he says, the war has shown how the horizontality of Web3 can more effectively leverage resources than humanitarian aid organizations.

"Crypto was always about destroying the middleman," he said. "I know situations when the people from Silicon Valley call me and say, Hey, can we support some families? We want to choose some families that who lost their homes, to support them directly. They don't need the Red Cross or UNICEF."

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Roundtable Guests:

Vladimir Karishev, Co-Founder, Global Ledger