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Making America Better Through Viral Crypto

Revenue from the Let’s Go Brandon coined has already donated thousands to charities

Hedge fund manager James Koutoulas says the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme coin began as a joke. He never could have anticipated how much the coin would resonate with people and the impact it would have.

For Halloween this year, Koutoulas said he made two costumes—one of which was a “Let’s Go Brandon” inspired costume where he dressed up as the President of China with a President Biden doll that had a sign around his neck with the catchphrase.

Koutoulas said he received messages from people on Instagram telling him he should make a coin from that idea. Some friends of Koutoulas quickly picked up on it and created the “Let’s Go Brandon” coin. The developers publicly gave Koutoulas 1 trillion coins on the 10th anniversary of the MF Global bankruptcy—the eighth largest bankruptcy in United States history.

“John Corzine—former major Obama donor, governor and senator of New Jersey, and CEO of Goldman Sachs—decided he was gonna steal $1.6 billion from his own customer segregated trust accounts at the world's largest non-bank commodity broker MF global,” Koutoulas said.

Koutoulas said he—along with his younger sister and John Rowe—represented all 38,000 customers Pro Bono, all while he ran a hedge fund. In the end, all $6.7 billion was recovered.

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“It's unquestionably the most meaningful thing I've ever been able to do,” Koutoulas said.

Part of the appeal toward the LGB coin has to do with stories like that; people being tired of corruption in financial institutions, governments, and other industries. In only five weeks, Koutoulas said he’s been able to donate $350,000 to charity—such as helping veterans and workers.

“We're using people's support of this movement to make America better, make America stronger,” Koutoulas said.

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