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Let’s Go Brandon Meme Coin Gains Traction In Conservative Circles

How this barely-month old coin has sparked such popularity

Hedge fund manager James Koutoulas believes the recent popularity for the “Let’s Go Brandon” meme coin stems from people being dissatisfied with President Biden and the mainstream media.

“I think the message of ‘Let's Go Brandon’ is so succinct and so powerful because it encapsulates a double entendre. It says, simultaneously, I am dissatisfied with the president and I'm dissatisfied with the mainstream media lying in boldface, easily disprovable fashion—AKA propaganda machines—and people are sick of it. They're sick of being told what to do when it's not backed up by data,” Koutoulas said.

Many Americans have grown increasingly frustrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic due to government-imposed regulations and shutdowns. Koutoulas also said Americans don’t want to get vaccinated if they’re not comfortable with it—especially since major pharmaceutical companies have profited heavily during this time.

“The COVID shot is not a vaccine in a traditional sense, in that it does not confer immunity greater than about two months or what the data is showing now,” Koutoulas said. “It's a mild therapeutic at best, but it is generating billions and billions of dollars in earnings for Moderna and Pfizer who have locked data for 55 years, so people can't even make an educated decision on their own health.”

Because many Americans agree with this sentiment, interest in the LGB coin has sparked in popularity in recent weeks.

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“‘Let's Go Brandon’ says, ‘I'm not gonna take it. I'm gonna support people who will publicly fight,” Koutoulas said. “Make no mistake. We're at a crucial point in American history where people need to stand up and be counted or they risk losing their freedom for generations, if not forever.”

The meme coin is only five weeks old, but has already been traded hundreds of millions of times, Koutoulas said. Even some people who don’t typically buy  cryptocurrency have bought coin in support of the movement.

“People hear about it, and it has such a visceral reaction with them. They're like, ‘how do I wire you a million dollars?’ They've never bought crypto before, but they just get it instinctively and intuitively and wanna be a part of the movement,” Koutoulas said.

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