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The conservative-leaning social media app Parler has launched a new Solana marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, called DeepRedSky. Billed the "Official CryptoTrump Club," its first NFT collection features former President Donald Trump.

The initial NFT collection leans heavily into Parler's right-wing user base and shows 250 "extremely rare" NFTs of the 45th President posing in front of changing backdrops. These NFTs are part of a wider collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be released in the future.

With over 16 million users, Parler is unveiling the CryptoTrump collection at a time of heightened interest in NFTs and a push to expand its offerings.

"DeepRedSky will feature creators who share the values of freedom of expression and protection from Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Government,” the company said in a statement.

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In an interview with crypto news site Decrypt, Parler CTO Sam Lipoff said that Parler hopes "to move past politics." 

DeepRedSky comes on the heels of Parler's previous Trump project, featuring former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump, who has trumpeted Parler as a platform for free speech and tech: "Parler has been on the forefront of utilizing Web3 technology and empowers its users to foster productive discourse," Mrs. Trump said in a statement.

Former President Donald Trump, however, is famously anti-crypto. "I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin air," Trump said. "Unregulated crypto assets can facilitate unlawful behavior, including drug trade and other illegal activity.”

In a previous interview with Fox Business, the former president said: “The currency of this world should be the dollar. And I don’t think we should have all of the Bitcoins of the world out there. I think they should regulate them very, very high,” Trump said. “It takes the edge off of the dollar and the importance of the dollar.”