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  • While AI offers an abundance of benefits, negative aspects of the technology are frequently overlooked.
  • Extensive use of AI can result in undesirable outcomes such as digital groupthink and reduced critical thinking skills.
  • To mitigate negative effects of AI, governments and other authority figures may eventually implement regulations on its use and applications.

Artificial intelligence has changed society in countless ways. The technology can significantly increase efficiency of companies, conduct research and data analysis, and even perform tasks that previously required human operators. However, the negative aspects of AI are frequently overlooked, namely its effect on human thought process and intellect.

While there are many facets to the issue, the brunt of the problem lies in digital groupthink. AI recognizes patterns in an individual’s internet activity, then curates and presents information that aligns with those trends. The individual is constantly shown content that falls within their tendencies and predisposed interests, rather than content that would be considered outside of their ‘comfort zone’ or usual activity. This results in a cycle where a person’s mindset becomes cemented due to a lack of information or content that challenges their views, leading to a less open mindset.

Another prominent issue is the effect of AI on critical thinking and problem solving skills. Nearly every driver utilizes GPS apps to navigate the roads, and the solution to almost every problem can be discovered with a quick internet search. People lose confidence in their ability to make decisions and discover solutions on their own, creating a vicious cycle that leads to further reliance on AI.

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So what can be done to mitigate these issues? AI is still a relatively fresh technology, meaning that its uses and applications are constantly changing. However, governments and other authority figures may eventually implement regulations on the use of AI, such as acceptable areas for use and limitations on the duration of use.