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  • A meme coin is a cryptocurrency inspired by internet memes or inside jokes.
  • Their value is heavily swayed by public opinion, social media trends, and celebrity endorsement.
  • They could become extremely popular in upcoming digital platforms such as the metaverse.

The world of cryptocurrency is ever-growing and changing, with new coins popping up all the time. Meme cryptocurrencies are just one more type of currency that you can invest in. Meme currencies are not backed by anything but they’re often based on an inside joke or internet meme.

While meme coins can be fun and exciting to invest in, they are extremely volatile and present some significant risks. On the other hand, they present great potential for use in future digital platforms, such as the metaverse.

Continue reading to learn all about meme coins, and whether they’re worth investing in.

What is a meme cryptocurrency?

A meme coin is a cryptocurrency inspired by internet memes or inside jokes. Meme coins are to be differentiated from cryptocurrencies which have been around for a number of years and are more established, such as Bitcoin.

Many meme coins have also benefited from public endorsements by celebrities, which have provided publicity they otherwise may not have been able to obtain. An example is Dogecoin, which started as a joke but then became extremely valuable as speculators piled in. Another example of a meme coin is Squid Game, which rode the popularity of the Netflix show.

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The pros and cons of meme currencies

An attribute of meme currencies that can be viewed as both positive and negative is that they are very volatile. If an individual invests very early, before the meme hits its peak in popularity, their crypto will become extremely valuable compared to what they paid for it. However, meme currencies experience large amounts of risk because they are often heavily swayed by public opinion.

Another important risk factor to understand is that very few of the existing meme coins are backed by a tested blockchain. Cryptocurrencies typically rely on blockchain technology to become more reliable and secure, as well as to ensure that important information remains decentralized.

The future of meme currencies

The Squid Game meme coin, as mentioned earlier in the article, turned out to be a pump and dump scheme, causing many investors to lose large sums of money. The scam demonstrated just how unreliable and insecure meme coins are, and caused many people to become extremely wary of them. As a result, the meme coin market will have much less interest and investment opportunity for the foreseeable future.

However, meme currencies present potential for use in the future. As the metaverse draws closer, even more cryptocurrencies are being created, especially by large businesses. Meme currencies could present “mascots” of some sort in the metaverse, in which individuals can support their favorite by investing in and holding the coin.

As cryptocurrency becomes more ingrained with society, regulations and guidelines will be implemented to prevent similar scams from occurring in the future.


A meme coin is a cryptocurrency inspired by internet memes or inside jokes. Meme currencies are very volatile because their value is heavily swayed by public opinion and celebrity endorsement, providing both benefits and detriments to investors. Furthermore, meme coins are often not very reliable and secure, with some of them proving to be scams. While many individuals tend to keep distance from meme coins in their current state, they possess great potential for the metaverse.

Overall, following the latest meme coin can be very entertaining. However, individuals should keep in mind that meme coins are extremely speculative, unregulated and thus very high risk as an investment.