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The Interview: Using Bitcoin to Build the Web3 Ecosystem

A bitcoin mining executive talks about the cryptocurrency's role in supporting the broader buildout of Web3.

As the cryptocurrency space has evolved, so have opportunities to support a much larger technological transformation. Even traditional actors like miners are increasingly working with Web3 initiatives and projects. Jamie Leverton CEO of HUT8, one of the largest existing Bitcoin mining operations, joined Roundtable at the BattleFin conference to talk about her company's growing involvement with Web3.

"As a crypto-native company, we're in a unique position to support the Web3 ecosystem," says Leverton, speaking of her firm, HUT8. "It's all about supporting the Web3 infrastructure, not just with data services, but infrastructure services and broader support of the ecosystem and projects."

She continues that gaming is a natural sector to lead broader Web3 adoption. 

"In gaming, there's already a lot of really good investment development, with scaled projects built out that are performing well," she says. "I think it really connects with the demographic because it's a digital, native demographic that wants to interact in a new and unique way. And [gamers] are comfortable with crypto." 

But video game culture is just the tip of the spear, she says, citing her recent experience at the Consesnus conference in Austin.

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"There's really exciting projects happening with decentralized wireless, decentralized storage. There's no signs of reduced momentum or energy or investment coming into any of the Web3 ecosystem. I think they're all full steam ahead regardless of the broader macro situation."

She concludes, "There's no better time to be building than right now."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Jamie Leverton, CEO, HUT8