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The Interview: Augmented Reality and NFTs

The line between NFTs and physical products is already beginning to blur.

As the founder of Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan, longtime blockchain entrepreneur Crystal Rose Pierce is at the vanguard of the NFT world. Pierce joined Roundtable to discuss the cutting edge of NFT technology, the community around Lighthouse, and recent advances in display and sharing. In this segment, she discusses the merging of NFTs and augmented reality technology.

Pierce recognizes that NFTs come with a learning curve, particularly for crypto outsiders. Part of making NFTs mainstream, she says, will involve making the technology more seamless with the real world.

“Either crypto has to be easier to use on a POS system or in a retail environment, or we have to put it more into the background,” she explains. “People don't need to know how their browser works or how email works. They just use it every day.”

And she believes NFTs will encourage this shift as they become more ubiquitous.

“Your shoes are gonna have NFTs. They'll have an NFT chip in your leather bag, your handbag, any designer clothes,” she says. “You're not going to notice it until you put your device by it.”

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As major brands experiment with incorporating NFTs into their goods, Pierce anticipates NFTs serving as augmented reality bridges between physical space and the metaverse.

“We’re seeing a very interesting merging of digital and physical, more like augmented reality coming to the forefront,” she says. “We can have geotagged items dropped into a location in a physical space, but on a virtual, augmented layer."

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, Founder, Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery