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The Interview: How NFTs Democratize Art

The mainstreaming of NFTs continues apace on multiple fronts.

NFTs have become most well-known as pieces of collectible digital art, but as creators continue to experiment with the applications of non-fungible tokens, the world of NFTs is growing more diverse and complex. Crystal Rose Pierce, the founder of Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan, joined Roundtable to discuss the next generation of NFT applications and who is leading the way.

Rose Pierce notes that the social aspect of NFTs will continue to define their evolution.

"Art is now a community experience, it's about gathering almost a social club," she explains. "We're also watching people build real [NFT-based] communities in other areas, including philanthropy."  

She sees NFTs becoming more mainstream in coming years, to the point where, "everyone will have an NFT, either in their wallet or through a social network. Their shoes might be an NFT. Their handbag might be an NFT."

"I'm not sure if everybody's going to create one," she says. "Even though it's easy, it still might not make sense because if you have a social network with zero followers. If you knew that no one was looking at it, why put the content out there?"   

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"That's the bigger challenge: the legitimate artists and the big collections have marketing behind them, a sort of funnel that doesn't exist with just the average person," she says.

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, Founder, Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery