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The Roundtable: Barriers to Crypto Adoption

What will it take to bring crypto fully into the mainstream?

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the future of mainstream crypto adoption and adjacent issues. In this segment, they discuss the distance crypto still has to travel before it is truly mainstream.

Luke Stokes says that we're moving towards mass adoption, but that it is still necessary to "make it easy for everyday people." 

"A lot of organizations are just kind of looking for the next profits in the next quarter, the next revenue opportunity," he says. "And I hope that the industry starts taking it more seriously, saying, if this isn't resolved, what I believe we're gonna see is somewhat similar to what we saw with the internet. You're gonna get these walled silos. You're gonna get these groups that come in and say, We're gonna centralize this. We're gonna make it easy, and we're gonna go, basically go backwards to Web 2.0."

Alex Gordon Brander, Co-Founder CODEX, notes that it's difficult because crypto is an "alternate currency" by definition. 

"It's not like I'm just having to figure out how to do something I'm already doing in an existing space, which can happen already. This is a whole new thing. So it's easy to go, I'm not sure whether I should be what this is all about. Now you're gonna ask me to jump through hoops and I'm probably gonna screw myself and I read the news and this whole thing could just be a Ponzi scheme anyway? And I don't know—I'm just, I'm just sticking to the old school, give me some cash and put it in the bank." 

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Watch the full roundtable: 

Luke Stokes, Managing Dir. FIO Protocol

Alex Gordon Brander, Co-Founder CODEX

Alex Mascioli, Founder, Trade the Chain