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The Roundtable: Decentralizing Art Revenue

Web3 will revolutionize how artists and other creators interact with the public—and profit from their work.

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the future of Web3. In this segment, they discuss opportunities for digital creators and the art world. 

Jesse Crawford of WE NFT Metaversity notes that "we're seeing the most interest in what we're doing is in order marketing, community building, and community management." 

He continues, "Oftentimes in NFT projects, you have people who don't know anything about marketing. We can take somebody who knows nothing about Twitter, YouTube, or any of the other social media channels with our templated formats. And by explaining the philosophy of how to market these things, how to myopically view your campaigns that you put out there, and then rehab the campaigns, you can really start to hone and focus your efforts so that to your point, you're not grinding on Twitter 24 hours a day, seven days a week, once you get your marketing set up."

Marc LoPresti says that the future of art and content monetization, as with so much else, will be defined by the reality of accelerating decentralization. 

"It all comes back to decentralization," he says. "In the case of content creation and artists and entertainers, it's the studios that have controlled how and when you make money [but with Web3] artists will get paid, whether you're a singer or content creator or video creator, podcaster, videocast, OnlyFans—you will get paid every time your content is viewed or consumed on the blockchain."

This will take place, he says, "verifiably instantaneously without paying intermediaries that have traditionally created not only friction, but have clipped so much of a coupon."

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Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Marc LoPresti, Managing Director, Moneta Advisory Partners

Robert Bell, Founder, 2B3D

Alessandro Patti, Serial Entreprenuer

Jesse Crawford, CEO, WE NFT Metaversity