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The Roundtable: Tokenized Entrepreneurialism

NFTs will democratize start-up capitalization and revolutionize the funding of new businesses.

A panel of experts joined Roundtable to discuss the current state of the financial markets. In this segment, they discuss the ways tokenization will open doors and facilitate fundraising for start-ups and entrepreneurs. 

Alyssa Jordan, a compliance officer, says that NFTs hold enormous promise for helping people start businesses. 

"NFTs have really created an opportunity for people to access a completely different investor pool from a real grassroots place," she says. 

"Instead of needing qualified, accredited investors, you can go create an NFT token and give the average person an opportunity to be on the front end of what you are building." 

The result is the creation of what Jordan calls a novel "entrepreneurial incubator system." 

This system creates communities in which entrepreneurs can not only raise money, but also create organic and far-reaching development networks.

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"You're meeting marketing experts, digital marketing, traditional marketing, you're meeting intellectual property experts," says Jordan. "You're meeting all of the people that you need to meet to make those connections so that you can take the next step to make your business successful." 

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Marc LoPresti, Managing Director, Moneta Advisory Partners

Julie Lamb, Founder, NFT-VIP

Alyssa Jordan, Tech Firm Chief Compliance Officer