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The Interview: Meet Your New Wallet

From digital payments to identity authentication, the trusty leather wallet is making way for the blockchain.

As the founder of Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery in San Juan, longtime blockchain entrepreneur Crystal Rose Pierce is at the vanguard of the NFT world. Pierce joined Roundtable to discuss the cutting edge of NFT technology, from the community around Lighthouse, to advancements in display and sharing, to their future in augmented reality. In this segment, she discusses the future of digital identification verification and the limited lifespan of the old-fashioned wallet. 

Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery operates on a members-only model—and anyone who walks in receives an NFT that makes them a member. Pierce expects to see more and more NFTs used to authenticate identify and provide access.

“NFTs are replacing the membership card because you have a QR code now, or you have the authenticity from your wallet. This may become one unified thing in the future,” she explains.

As blockchain technology progresses, she expects that phones will continue to replace wallets altogether, both for crypto and fiat currency transactions.

“The physical wallet is starting to go away. More and more merchants are accepting digital payment methods, and we're seeing now small countries are accepting crypto payments as a payment method,” she says, noting that physical tech for NFTs will likely be for display, not utility. 

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“You will be able to buy hardware for NFTs, but it's going to be a little different. It'll be for your wall, not your pocket.”

Watch the full discussion below:

Roundtable Guests:

Crystal Rose Pierce, Entrepreneur and Founder, Lighthouse NFT Smart Gallery