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Failed State Jukebox: (hed) p.e. live at DeepRockDrive

Let's all wake up to the truth that evolution is a myth

At the risk of inflating their streaming numbers, Failed State Jukebox brings you some of the most audacious (and absurd) examples of far-right, populist, and dystopian pop music.

(həd) p.e. is a sort of rap/rock hybrid act from Huntington Beach, California. It formed in 1994, when a whole generation of angry white men decided that guitar music was incomplete without funk bass slaps and/or faint turntable scratching in the background (or preferably, both). After 9/11, the group had its mind blown by videos like Loose Change and Zeitgeist. Soon, conspiracy theories began to slip into their lyrics and onstage banter.

By 2011, the group had gone full-"truther," as demonstrated by its set at DeepRockDrive that year. Between songs, the lead singer Jared Gomes (a/k/a Jahred a/k/a MCUD) drops "truth bombs" by name-checking Zecharia Sitchin and making oblique references to Nikola Tesla's free energy technology. He also says some mean things about Hillary Clinton. It's all extremely nutty, which is why I was psyched when viral social media sensation Catatonic Youths snipped out all the pesky music and left the good stuff. You can watch their fan edit here:

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And if you still really want to check it out for yourself, the whole concert is right here: