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Conspiracy Theorists Brace for Smallpox False Flag

What Corey Lynn and Bill Gates have in common

The predictive power of conspiracy theorists is generally nil, so I would't waste your time waiting for all this to unfold. But if you're curious about the latest concerns in the InfoWars set, read on.

Self-described investigative journalist Corey Lynn is the founder of Corey's Digs, a website that specializes in health conspiracies. It's heavy on the COVID-19 stuff, but Lynn is clearly looking for the next big thing, which he believes to be a smallpox outbreak. He's not alone in this, because Bill Gates is also worried about smallpox, and has publicly stated so — which, in the circular logic of conspiracy theorists, means that Bill Gates is getting ready to infect us all with the disease to further the goal of connecting 80% of America to a Matrix-style artificial intelligence "hive mind." 

To substantiate his claims, Lynn provides a timeline of events that includes things like Bill Gates funding ebola research, the FDA approving antiviral smallpox treatments, and Joe Biden using the phrase "dark winter" in 2020 — as it happens, Dark Winter was the name of a simulated smallpox terror attack held on Andrews Air Force Base in 2001. (I guess it never occurred to the investigative journalist that the simulation was called "dark winter" precisely because it's a common English language phrase.) More concerning is the fact that from time to time, labs seem to just find material related to smallpox research just laying around, prompting security concerns.

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For a disturbing look into the mind of someone who believes this stuff (complete with stiff voiceover and a lot of stock footage) check out the FALSE FLAG WARNING™ video produced by Gregory Reese of InfoWars.

But please, don't get red-pilled.

SOURCE: Rumble, Corey's Digs