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Earth's Black Box to document the end of the world as we know it

Part PR stunt, part dire warning about the impending collapse of civilization
Hello, Tasmania

Hello, Tasmania

Doomsday preppers have an acronym, "SHTF." It stands for "shit hits the fan," and it refers to the moment when everything goes off the rails. Another popular acronym among preppers is "EOTWAWKI," or "end of the world as we know it," which is a much clumsier way of saying the same thing. My point is that the impending collapse of civilization is on everybody's minds (especially Generation Z), and some of them use silly acronyms to describe it.

This naturally prompts the next question — how are we going to get people to take the world's various crises seriously? Well, the ad wizards at Clemenger BBDO, which bills itself as Australasia's largest, most successful marketing communications company, have been thinking about this, and they came up with: the flight recorder. Except that, instead of being for aircraft, this black box is for the entire planet.

The company has released some renders of the proposed device, and the vibe is best described as "brutalism in the outback." The 10 x 4 x 3-meter steel structure with 7.4 centimeter thick walls will be set on a granite plane constructed somewhere in Tasmania's West Coast. It will use solar panels to power computers that actively scan the internet for climate change data and other information like social media posts and newspaper headlines. Essentially, the device is collecting tweets for whoever survives the Kali Yuga. This scheme doesn't have the dignity, say, of a pair of golden phonograph records hurtling through space, but maybe it'll be a nice reminder not to let things get so bad that we need a PR stunt like this in the first place.

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SOURCE: Earth's Black Box
VIA: ABC (Australia)