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Failed State Jukebox: 'America' by Tom MacDonald

An anguished cry from the apocalyptic wasteland of British Columbia

At the risk of inflating their streaming numbers, Failed State Jukebox brings you some of the most audacious (and absurd) examples of far-right, populist, and dystopian pop music.

cancel culture got more power
lately than the First Amendment

- Angry Canadian YouTube Rapper

Tom MacDonald is a failed pro wrestler and current fashion victim with anger issues. He's also quite taken by the vision of America promoted by anti-woke, alt-right weirdos, which makes his music the perfect soundtrack for invading statehouses and protesting commonsense public health measures.

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This is pop music at its most aggressively ignorant — which gives it a certain frisson, sure, but also makes it very, very depressing. 

For your daily dose of Failed State melancholia, just press play: