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Failed State Jukebox: "Elon Musk" by Bryson Gray

At the risk of inflating their streaming numbers, Failed State Jukebox brings you some of the most audacious (and absurd) examples of far-right, populist, and dystopian pop music.

Bryson Gray is a North Carolina hip-hop artist and self-confessed former liberal who was "red pilled" watching Trump rallies in the run-up to the 2020 election. I am having a hard time picking just one song to feature here, because they're all doozies.

"I Do Not Comply" is sort of a MAGAworld take on Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos." It includes a special message for the ladies:

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...they've been tricked by feminism
wanna change culturally your position
get back in the kitchen
find a man of god, have a family
now that's really living

There's also the homophobic anthem "Pride Month" (which I'm not going to link to here) and "Run," with a music video that inexplicably features senior citizen backup dancers:

For my money, his best track is "Elon Musk," a heartfelt plea for the billionaire to buy Twitter and give Alex Jones his account back. See for yourself here: