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Gabriel of Urantia on Gun Control

More half-wit and wisdom from our favorite UFO cult
Gabriel: Live from the Yellow Submarine

Gabriel: Live from the Yellow Submarine

Three days ago, a teenager armed with a semi-automatic assault-style rifle entered Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, and locked himself in a classroom, where he tormented and murdered students for an hour. Meanwhile, the cops stationed outside were paralyzed by stupidity, incompetence, or both. Twenty-one people died before a Border Patrol agent finally reached the gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Rolando Ramos, and killed him. 

The vast majority of Americans want common-sense gun control legislation, but seeing as a significant portion of our corporate congress would rather be re-elected than stand up to the gun lobby, this isn't likely to happen any time soon.

Gabriel of Urantia, our favorite UFO cultist, has his own thoughts about gun control: "[W]hen the Lord returns, there will be no weapons at all, in public or in military," he wrote in a meme published earlier today. "But we are not there yet, and we do need to protect ourselves from those who choose to disobey the commandments and man's laws." 

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I've been hearing about guns on the cult's compound for years, although Gabriel and company don't seem to be stockpiling them in any serious way. (Certainly, an argument can be made for the necessity of firearms when you're living out in the desert.) But then again, Gabriel does have a martyr complex — when faced with any criticism at all, the guru claims that he is being slandered by enemies who wish to "Waco" him (to coin a term of art).

Shortly after I visited the cult compound in Arizona in 2019, an article appeared on its website decrying the "false media" and ex-cult members who no longer follow Gabriel because they'd rather do drugs and have extramarital sex. The guru compares himself to Gandhi, the Kennedys, the Jews in Nazi Germany, and Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism. Until Jesus returns and Gabriel becomes the ruler of the world, he's saying, the danger is very real, and they need guns to protect themselves.

He's been saying stuff like this for years. Another statement, comparing the "character assassination" of factual news coverage with literal assassination was posted last month:

And if you doubt at all where Gabriel stands on the need to arm himself, there's this message, posted to his Instagram account in February 2017: