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Gabriel of Urantia: The End is Nigh! (again)

The so-called prophet from Pittsburgh makes another of his famous doomsday predictions
Gabriel of Urantia (aka Van) (aka TaliasVan of Tora) (aka Tony of Pittsburgh)

Gabriel of Urantia (aka Van) (aka TaliasVan of Tora) (aka Tony of Pittsburgh)

Crisis cults are the weird social units that come together in times of extreme collective stress. One of my favorite contemporary examples is the Global Community Communications Alliance, a sect of 100-plus people living in the Arizona desert where they practice permaculture, hippie dance, and await the end of the world. 

Read our feature about the GCCA and its members, "The Cult of CosmoPop," here.

Pictured above is the 75-years-young Gabriel of Urantia: Musician, father, husband, the founder of the GCCA, and a man so good at predicting the end of the world that he's already done it several times. Jesus has been slated to return in the mid-1990s, the year 2000 or 2001, sometime around 2016 — he keeps the dates vague on purpose.

A former follower named Jackie (she asked me to withhold her last name) once described Gabriel's end times beliefs in court: "only the righteous will be evacuated by spacecraft," she testified, "by being transported into their light bodies."

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In a new video posted on YouTube yesterday, Gabriel seems as certain as ever that he's finally figured it all out. The end of days is now scheduled for 2024. "I don't know the day or the hour that Jesus Christ Michael's returning," he says, "but I know it's gonna be that year."

He then describes the spacecraft that will rescue him and his followers:

They're gonna see a great mothership... it's gonna come in an architectural world, approximately four states big. Four states. It's an architectural world. It's not a planet, it's an architectural world built by artisans.

Our man has some more ideas about the return of Jesus, so be sure to check out the video for yourself:

H/t: K. Gerard