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J.D. Vance is a terrible person (feat. Roe v. Wade and James Shelby Downard)

Failed State Update Newsletter for May 4, 2022
JD Vance and Marjorie Taylor Greene

JD Vance and Marjorie Taylor Greene

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America’s Hitler’s Man in Ohio

Hillbilly Elegy was a hit piece on the people of Appalachia and the Rust Belt, and the Netflix film of the same name is so bad that it really should be watched by any cinephile with a taste for the perverse. The book made its author a star, one who wasted no time in selling out his centrist-liberal ideals (and for whom, like most centrist-liberals, were never really ideals to begin with) to become the darling of the Trumpian right.

From The Times (UK):

Having once said that Trump was “America's Hitler,” Vance declared him “the best president of my lifetime” at a rally last month. He pivoted to support Trump's insistence that the 2020 election was stolen and echoed a conspiracy theory on the far-right, that President Biden had allowed Mexican drug cartels to flood America's heartlands with fentanyl to “punish the people who didn't vote for him.”

Last night, thanks to that pact with the devil, Vance won the Republican primary and, presumably, the upcoming senate race.

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Vance has said so many insane things lately that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that he has been infected with some sort of brain parasite. His greatest misses include an attack on the “childless left” (they have no “physical commitment to the future of this country”) and this gem:

I guess you get what you deserve, Ohio. Unfortunately, if and when Vance wins, we will all get what Ohio deserves.

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Great job, Republicans!

I hate focusing solely on Republicans as there are so many Democrats that deserve to be called out, but this morning the corporate lackeys of the right have successfully squeezed out the corporate lackeys on the left. Great job, guys.

Of course, the big news as of late has been the imminent end of abortion rights in this country. In the PayDay Report newsletter (disclosure: I am the newsletter’s editor), labor reporter Mike Elk points out how workers in other countries have been an essential part of keeping abortion safe and legal:

The “Strike 4 Repeal” campaign successfully got Ireland’s anti-abortion law repealed in 2018. Similarly, in 2016, mass strikes in Poland got the country’s legislature to vote down a bill that would have stripped abortion rights.

Let’s hope the labor movement in this country can get its act together surrounding this important issue.

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More of the GOP’s Greatest Hits

Even more Failed State Updates

And finally, an impressive campaign ad from gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor featuring the Georgia Guidestones conspiracy theory (eagle-eyed viewers will catch a shout-out to the legendary James Shelby Downard at the beginning of the video).

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