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“You don’t have to say the Ukraine anymore. That’s a change from a few years ago.”

Those words of wisdom are from gold bug doomer and conspiracist influencer Jim Willie.

According to his bio, Willie has a Ph.D. in Statistics from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. He’s one of these conspiracy theorists who has adopted the role of “financial forecaster,” a sort of ultra-paranoid Jim Cramer-type who ties the price of gold to everything from Covid-19 (fake) to the Russian invasion of Ukraine (necessary to defeat the New World Order). It’s useful for a conspiracy theorist to adopt the guise of a professional in a specialized field. This way, they can use the field’s technical terms to hide the fact that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Here are some recent highlights from the Beyond Mystic live stream to give you an example of this guy's schtick. Among other things, he points out that white people think all black people look the same, and that CNN anchor Don Lemon was replaced with a clone.

The conspiracist obsession with gold and finance goes back to the establishment of the Bank of England in 1694 and crossed over to the colonies around the same time. It really picked up steam in the U.S. after the founding of the Federal Reserve in 1913. 

When one starts cracking open conspiracy books, it at first seems odd that so much time is spent on the value of gold and federal financial regulations, but I guess it makes a certain kind of sense; in America, if you’re not wealthy, you’re being screwed by the wealthy. Financial conspiracy theories are one way of coming to grips with this reality. Besides, fear of people with wealth is an undeniable component of antisemitism, which can be found among all types of conspiracy theorists.

In Willie’s world, Putin is the good guy in the war on Ukraine. The United States, United Kingdom, and Europe are controlled by a satanic cabal behind “child trafficking, child blood-harvesting, narcotics trafficking, white woman trafficking, human organ trafficking, bio lab virus development, money laundering, [and] experimental usage of Ukraine population on virus propagation,” among other horrific crimes.

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Dr. Jim Willie has been peddling fear for a while. In April 2014, he claimed that inflation would soon increase 200%, prompting “violence at the supermarkets, at the gas stations, and at the ATM machines,” which would inevitably mean the imposition of martial law. A year later, he predicted that the United States would soon go to war with “85% to 90%” of the world, which would lead to the crash of the U.S. dollar and make gold the world’s top currency:

The crisis is better described as the Global Monetary War. The entire world will soon be at war with the United States, since the majority of nations wish to establish trade and monetary system upon gold. The rogue will be the United States, in the final boomerang whiplash. The United States will succeed in isolating 85% to 90% of the community of nations, and thus win isolation for itself. The US faces deep risk of falling into the Third World, as those characteristics appear on every corner and every wall.... The USDollar will die a horrible death, and Gold will return to its rightful throne. The return of Gold to its primacy is long overdue.

Speaking of gold, in 2012 Willie predicted that gold would soon “EASE PAST THE $5000 PER OUNCE MARK, AND TAKE SILVER ON A GREAT UPWARD RIDE” (sic).

As of today, the price of gold is at $1,993/ounce, about $300 more than it was this time in 2012.

More recently, he has been talking about the Trump-Putin alliance (discussed at the 23-minute mark of this video). Putin’s “taking out bio labs” in Ukraine, he claims. “They’re taking out data centers.” Contrary to reality, he says that “Putin is not maximizing civilian damage. He’s minimizing it. He’s maximizing cabal damage… I don’t regard Putin as being involved in the invasion of a nation, I think he’s involved in a clean-up operation to remove unspeakable criminality.”

Ukraine, according to Willie, is the world capital of the cabal of Satanist pedophiles that really runs the world, variously known as the Deep State and the New World Order. There, a battle is raging to save innocent American children from being used in satanic rituals.

Not that the war has been great for Ukrainian children. On Sunday, Ukraine's attorney general released a statement saying that at least 85 children have died in the war so far.

"Among the children killed was a football player who was in a car that was struck by Russian forces during an attempted evacuation," Monique Beals writes in The Hill. "The statement also noted the deaths of a 9-year-old and an 18-year-old who were both killed running across a damaged bridge in Irpin. Another child was killed on Friday in a car at a checkpoint in Kharkiv, where some of the most aggressive attacks have taken place."