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Kyle Rittenhouse Verdict Declares Open Season On Dissent

Well, we couldn't call it unexpected.
The trigger-man

The trigger-man

The armed, militant, and just plain hate-filled far-right got its Christmas wish early this year (extremely early, as it's not quite Thanksgiving) with the full acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday.

I have a hard time seeing this as a Second Amendment case — the last I heard, the Second Amendment wasn't meant to encourage teenagers to strap on AR-15s and insert themselves into civil unrest miles from their home. 

Elie Mystal of The Nation said it better than I can: 

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Rittenhouse ... shot and killed two people at a protest against police violence with an illegally obtained gun, and even the illegal gun charge was dropped against him. And that is precisely how a majority of white people want the white justice system to work. By their votes in elections (including elections for judges like Bruce Schroeder); their lack of support for criminal justice reform; and the cold reality that prosecutors favor white jurors when the defendants are Black, while defense attorneys favor white jurors when the defendants are white, we see that a majority of white people choose things to be this way. They want a system that will be, if not sympathetic, at least empathetic toward eruptions of white violence, while swift and harsh toward Black people accused of crime. We don’t have to live with a biased criminal justice system; white people, enough of them, just like it that way.

If you've been to an "open carry" protest lately, or a protest that attracted a certain demographic of young (almost exclusively white) men with large guns, you'll be familiar with the dynamic. These are militants waiting for their opportunity for a full-blown civil war.

Kyle Rittenhouse just got to pull the trigger first.

source: The Nation