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Lucien Greaves Receives Death Threat from Sovereign Citizen Group

Temple of the Reign of the Heavens tries Satanic Temple co-founder in kangaroo court (on Zoom, no less)

In January, we reported on a little spat between a sovereign citizen group calling itself Reign of the Heavens Society (among about a thousand other things) and The Satanic Temple. At a meeting of the self-styled government on Zoom, a $100,000 bounty was placed on Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves's head. The group said it wanted Greaves dead or alive, “or burnt, or whatever.” 

For more background on ROH, read Sovereign citizens declare war on The Satanic Temple on Failed State Update

The group also threatened me [Joseph L. Flatley] with a bogus lawsuit after I covered the incident for this publication.

At the time, I spoke to someone at the FBI about threats to Greaves and myself, and they responded with one of the Bureau's classic non-response responses: "we cannot confirm or deny any particular contact or the potential existence of an investigation," a public affairs officer from the Dallas Field Office said, in part.

In the meantime, the sovereign citizen group has continued in its plan to rid the world of Lucien Greaves and the satanic cabal working to destroy the United States. 

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On April 28, the Society convened its Zoom court with the intention of trying Greaves for "attempted murder" and "war crimes." After some very artful trolling on the Satanist's part, the so-called judge finally got down to business:

You are charged in this manner, with war crimes; uh, attempted murder? And the punishment for these crimes can be, uh, — up to, uh — death, Lucien. So that's, uh — if you're convicted of these war crimes, uh, you can be put to death, uh, for — for these crimes.

According to Greaves, the threat has been forwarded to relevant law enforcement.

Check out the, uh, proceedings below:

SOURCE: Lucien Greaves (Patreon)