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Unmasking Patel Patriot, QAnon Influencer and Rising Social Media Star

De-evolution is real

QAnon influencers (QFluencers?) aren't born, they're made. And one of the more well-known is Patel Patriot, only the latest unqualified 'expert' on the Deep State to take to social media and spell out his vision of Trump's battle against the forces of evil.

Patel is the promoter of a conspiracy theory he calls "Devolution" which, sadly, has nothing to do with the band Devo. This theory holds that federal government Continuity of Government plans formulated during the Cold War have been enacted by the Trump Administration to form a shadow government that is currently doing battle with China, Biden, and Antifa. It's absurd, and there's nothing particularly new about what he's saying, but people really seem to like how he's saying it.

Thanks to Mike Rothschild of The Daily Dot, we finally have a name to match to Patel Patriot's face: Jon Herold of Bismarck, North Dakota. According to LinkedIn, his most recent gig was “leading the fundraising efforts of a $46 million capital campaign” to build a new Catholic high school in Bismarck. But that's all in the past since Herold, according to an unnamed source, has brought in enough money as a conspiracy theorist to promote disinformation full-time. Which, in a way, is its own testament to the enduring American Dream: Deep State or no, someone can still pursue their passion and make good money doing it, once they settle on the right grift.

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SOURCE: The Daily Dot