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A self-fulfilling collapse?

Poll finds that a majority of young Americans believe that our democracy is either 'in trouble' or 'failing.'
'Zoomer' royalty-free stock footage via Unsplash

'Zoomer' royalty-free stock footage via Unsplash

The kids are alright, but do they have it right? According to a new poll of 18- to 29-year-olds conducted by the Institute of Politics at Harvard Kennedy School, there is a strong consensus among American Zoomers that the United States is a nation in deep trouble. Not quite a failed state (yet), but close to it. 


More disturbing than that, 46% of young Republicans, 32% of Democrats, and 38% independents believe that there is a fifty-fifty chance they will live to see a Civil War in the United States. Where respondents stand on this depends on where they live, which should be no surprise, as it's become increasingly obvious these days that people in the city and suburbs inhabit patently different realities than those in small towns and rural areas.

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Confronting the imminent collapse of your society is troubling stuff; I guess we shouldn't be surprised that this generational cohort is battling anxiety and depression like no other.

SOURCE: Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics
VIA: Truthout