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Trump Had to be Held Back from Joining Jan 6 Mob

Scuffle with Secret Service in presidential limo

According to Cassidy Hutchinson, right-hand staffer to Mark Meadows, Donald Trump not only participated in the January 6th uprising but also intended to lead the insurrectionists to the Capitol, until prevented by the Secret Service.

"I’m the effing president; take me up to the Capitol now!" Trump barked, according to Hutchinson. He also attacked a Secret Service agent in the presidential limousine after being informed that he would not be joining the mob. Hutchinson also testified that Trump knew on January 6 that some of the people in the crowd had guns. She overheard Trump say, "I don't fucking care if they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me."

It was also revealed that the Secret Service was told by President Trump to stop scanning the rallygoers with magnetometers (handheld metal detectors), which would allow them to march armed on the Capitol after the rally.

After delivering his speech, Trump returned to the limo and ordered the driver to take him to the Capitol. The head of the security detail refused, saying it was unsafe. That's when the fracas occurred between Secret Service agents and the President.

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Hutchinson also recalled a meeting with Rudy Giuliani on January 2.

"As Mr. Giuliani and I were walking to his vehicle that evening, he looked at me and said something to the effect of, ‘Gosh, are you excited for the 6th? It’s going to be a great day.’ And I remember saying, ‘Rudy, can you explain what’s happening on the 6th?’" Hutchinson testified. "He responded something to the effect of, ‘We’re going to the Capitol. It’s going to be great. The president is going to be there, he’s going to look powerful. He’s going to be with the members. He’s going to be with the senators. Talk to the chief about it, talk to the chief about it. He knows about it.’"

Hutchinson served as a crucial liaison between the White House and members of Congress — many who sought pardons from Trump after January 6, as revealed in her original deposition. She also attended several meetings with important individuals in the plot to reverse the election, such as Meadows, Rudy Giuliani, and lawyer Sidney Powell.

Trump responded via Truth Social, saying that Hutchinson is "a total phony" and "bad news!"