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Turning Point USA's onramp to fascism

Glomming onto AmericaFest w/Louie Gohmert and a bunch of other Nazis

As the empire crumbles, lots of different creeps are jockeying for power. Sometimes they fight amongst themselves, sometimes they help each other out. The right-wing is a continuum — a group like Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA introduces the curious or credulous to "light fascism," priming potential recruits for the more extreme groups.

One literal example of this tendency was last month’s AmericaFest 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. 

AmericaFest is TPUSA's version of CPAC. This year, the conference featured luminaries like James O'Keefe, Tucker Carlson, and the latest darling of the right, Kyle Rittenhouse. But just like a Dead show — where the real action is in the parking lot — if you wanted the full experience you had to cross the street for the special groyper reception:

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“It’s a Wonderful Nation” was hosted by the self-described nationalist organization Republicans for National Renewal (RNR) and the “America First” youth group, American Populist Union (APU). The poster advertising the paid event was a play on the 1946 Christmas classic “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The movie was once investigated during the Red Scare for “Communist Infiltration of the Motion Picture Industry”—a bit of history that RNR probably doesn’t care about because the film has old-timey white American aesthetics on the label.

Republicans for National Renewal’s leadership team includes Mark Ivanyo, Diodato “Dio” Boucsieguez, Seth Segal, (who is also the president of the NYC chapter of Turning Point Faith) and Shane Trejo. Trejo works as the Grassroots Director for RNR, serves as a GOP chairman for Michigan’s 11th District Committee, and he formerly hosted a neo-nazi podcast with a member of the white supremacist group Identity Evropa. The “Blood, Soil, and Liberty” podcast (alluding to the Nazi slogan, “blood and soil”) was hosted by Identity Evropa member Alex Witoslawski and RNR’s Trejo. As LCRW previously reported, episode names of Trejo’s podcast included titles like “It’s Okay to Be White, Right, and Christian” and “Tanner Flake for Fuhrer” referencing Arizona ex-senator Jeff Flake’s son who made news after his violently racist social media handle and comments were exposed. The Identity Evropa-linked group was at AmericaFest throughout the weekend and hosted a booth at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit earlier this year.

Though the far-right reception was technically unaffiliated with Turning Point’s AmericaFest, most of the speakers and guests attended both events. In fact, several TPUSA influencers were seen mingling in the room filled with white nationalists. Pizzagater Jack Posobiec, who joined TPUSA’s team in early 2021, was a featured speaker at both events. Turning Point’s Enterprise Director, Austin Smith and influencer Isabella Riley were in the audience, as well as Charlie Kirk’s own producers Beni Rae Harmony and Connor Clegg who recently declared “it’s not enough to be transphobic, we must become anti-transgenderism.”

That's a lot of racists!

The point here is that this is all one large, gross morass — and that twerps like Charlie Kirk with decent suits and expensive haircuts can only keep up their semi-respectable facade if people don't actually pay attention to them.

Left Coast Right Watch did a great job blowing the lid off this "fash bash," and I suggest you check it out below.

SOURCE: Left Coast Right Watch