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Alfred McCoy on the twilight of the American empire

A new year, a new podcast episode, and a new co-host

Hello, Failed State Update fans! I’d like to announce a new podcast episode, and some changes to the show that I think will work out quite well.

But first, here’s a link to the new episode:


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Beginning this episode, we are changing up the format of FSU. The show now features two hosts, Joseph L. Flatley, the founder and editor of Failed State Update, and J.G. Michael, host of the Parallax Views podcast. I’ve known J.G. for a few years. He’s a knowledgeable interviewer and I’m sure you’ll enjoy what he brings to the table. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the slightly new-ish show, and feel free to tweet at us if you feel that we've made a terrible mistake.

After you listen to this episode, check out his other podcast, Parallax Views:


Regular listeners of Failed State Update are in for a real treat. Our guest, Alfred W. McCoy, is an American historian and educator. Currently the Fred Harvey Harrington Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, he specializes in the history of the Philippines, foreign policy of the United States, European colonization of Southeast Asia, the illegal drug trade, and CIA covert operations. His most recent book is To Govern the Globe: World Orders and Catastrophic Change, and it deals with a theme very near and dear to our hearts here at FSU: America’s terminal decline.