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33. January 6: Barbarians at the Capitol Gates

William Arkin and Vincent Scotti Eirene

We couldn't go a week into the new year without a constitutional crisis... it's disappointing, but not a surprise.

In order to help understand what the hell exactly happened, we will speak to William Arkin, veteran national security reporter and prolific author. He's been on top of this story from the very beginning (indeed, from before the beginning) and you can see his reporting in the pages of Newseek or on its website.

Also featured is Vincent Scotti Eirene, longtime peace activist and media provocateur. He has some particularly trenchant insights into the events of the last 24 hours. Vincent was in D.C. protesting corporate globalization this time twenty years ago, so it's interesting to compare and contrast what was happening then with what is happening now.

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