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22. The Conspiracy Cinema of Tom "cTom" Charley

Movie night with Dylan Coleslaw

In this episode of Failed State Update we're joined by film critic, artist, and social media provocateur Dylan Coleslaw to discuss cTom's 2011 film Song of the Blind Girl

There are underground filmmakers, and then there's cTom—or Tom Charley, as he's also known (both are pseudonyms, actually).

cTom has directed four films, all of which are ham-handed polemics against elite pedophilia and other crimes against the republic. But there are two things that make these films stand out: The fact that they were made a decade before QAnon, and the all-out incompetence of the director's craft. His films are perfect examples of the "so bad it's good" (a/k/a "awfulsome") approach to filmmaking.

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