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Gabriel of Urantia Warns of the Apocalypse… But This Time We're Afraid He Means It

Joshua Lilly joins us to dissect the cult leader's latest message, but first a conversation about the cultural importance of Project Monarch mind control myths
Gabriel (left) and a GCCA church service 

Gabriel (left) and a GCCA church service 

In Tumacácori, Arizona, a stone’s throw from the U.S. border with Mexico, roughly 85 “destiny reservists” await their fate. They are the followers of Gabriel of Urantia. Born Anthony J. Delevin in Pittsburgh in 1946, Gabriel’s life work is a community known as the Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA). They live in a compound in the desert where they raise animals, harvest hemp, and study their prophet’s teachings. This is all in preparation for the end of this world, and the coming of the next.

And the apocalypse, according to Gabriel, is closer now than it’s ever been.

Last week, Paladin — the channeled trans-dimensional space being who speaks through Gabriel — called the cult’s radio station KVAN-FM last week to address the people of Tucson on the air.

On today’s Failed State Update, former GCCA member Joshua Lilly listens to Gabriel's latest broadcast with us and helps us understand both the message and cult psychology in general.

But first, J.G. and Lenny discuss Monarch mind-control conspiracies and why they are the perfect myth of our time. This is the subject of Monarch, the debut novel by Candice Wuehle. 

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