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5. I Am Seeing UFOs

A conversation with 'crackpot historian' Adam Gorightly
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This episode of Failed State Update is about the intersection of government spies and ETs. As far as we can tell (and who can really tell?) the UFO community has been encouraged to pursue and promote some wacko ideas over the years by the United States Air Force to distract them from the shitty things the government is doing (and the scary weapons their government is creating). The best evidence supporting this hypothesis is the story of a defense contractor named Paul Bennewitz who we will discuss here in some detail. But there is also the strange case of Tom DeLonge of Blink-182: can we really trust an overgrown pop-punker whose think tank fraternates with the CIA and Lockheed Martin? As usual, Failed State Update provides few answers, but asks plenty of questions.

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