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Jack Brewer's UFO Trail (livestream)

Extraterrestrials, spies, and vacation slides

Welcome to the inaugural Failed State Update livestream. There were a few hiccups, but otherwise things turned out pretty good.

Returning guest Jack Brewer is a freelance writer with a longtime interest in the UFO genre. He maintains the blog "The UFO Trail," where he posts credible info on incredible topics. Brewer is the author of "The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community," in which he explores how public perception of the UFO phenomenon has been distorted by the intelligence community and suspect researchers. Neither a debunker nor a believer, Brewer integrates objectivity and critical thinking into his writing while keeping an open mind. His latest book is called "Wayward Sons: NICAP and the IC." NICAP is one of the first UFO investigation organizations, and IC stand for "intelligence community."

Among the topics discussed were the alleged "Roswell slides," vacation slides that passed as top secret "alien autopsy" photos  for years. (In 2017, the Guardian published a feature on the scandal.)

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One of the so-called Roswell slides. 

One of the so-called Roswell slides. 

Check out Jack Brewer's website here. And follow him on Twitter: @TheUFOTrail