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50. MOVE: Radical Activists or Political Cult? (Part 2)

A conversation with former member Kevin Price

MOVE is a radical Black communal organization founded in 1972 in Philadelphia, best known for the 1985 firebombing in which 11 members (including 5 children under the age of 14) were murdered by law enforcement. These days, the group lives on as a "political cult," as former member Kevin Price reveals in his blog, Leaving MOVE.

In part one of the series, Kevin gives the true history of the group as it morphed from what was considered to be a Black liberation group to a political cult.In part two, he explains what led up to the 1985 firebombing. He also describes many of the novel religious and philosophical beliefs of the group.

Part three will bring us up to the present, including Kevin's own story and the unsolved 2002 murder of John Gilbride — believed by many to be a "hit" by MOVE.

Kevin's blog, Leaving MOVE:

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