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The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh (Part 8)

Mr. Image Man

Warning: this episode includes discussion of sexual abuse.

Gabriel of Urantia is the leader of a UFO religion based in the desert of southern Arizona. He has spent the last three decades weaving together his belief system, a tapestry of Eastern spirituality, Born Again Christianity, and New Age doggerel. In a compound near the Mexican border, his disciples tend the garden, take classes, and serve their guru while they wait for the end of the world.

This is the final episode of the series (for now) and probably the best one yet. It's definitely the most upsetting. Topics covered include incidents of sexual abuse and the mistreatment of children in the GCCA. I also take a trip to the guru's childhood home and recount the story of his former son-in-law (and how he wound up in prison).

New Age Grifter: The True Story of Gabriel of Urantia and his Cosmic Family is available now on Amazon:

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