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17. Portland Police State

On the frontlines of the chaos in Rose City
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I have a trio of great guests on this episode. And we'll need to talk to a lot of people if we're going to get to the bottom of what's happening in Portland with the feds, and the kidnapping, and that sort of thing.

Kristian Williams is the author of a number of great books, including Our Enemies In Blue. He's also a police abolition activist based in Portland. He's able to give us some perspective on who the feds are in the city, what they're up to, and any broader implications there may be.

Juniper Simonis provides a firsthand account of what it's like to be arbitrarily detained and then released for doing nothing illegal in the general vicinity of the feds.

And lastly (but first on the episode) freelance journalist Garrison Davis will give us the skinny on what it's been like to be on the frontlines of the Portland uprising since the beginning.

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It's a nebulous story, but I think these three individuals will get us a lot closer to what's really going on.

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