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Ravi, Mind Control Victim in Silicon Valley

A conversation with a Targeted Individual
mind control

Ravi lives in Silicon Valley, he's a former Google employee, and he’s a Targeted Individual. That is, he believes he has been the subject of high-tech surveillance and harassment.

Whatever the cause of the trauma he has experienced, the trauma is very real. “I felt like committing a crime” at one point, he says. “I felt like avenging what happened to me.” But after learning that there is a whole community of people like him out there, he doesn’t feel so alone anymore. Besides, to something drastic, he says, would be “in vain.”

Today’s episode of Failed State Update is a telephone conversation between Ravi and Joseph L. Flatley. Be sure to check out our feature article on the Targeted Individual phenomenon called “The Nightmare of Targeted Individuals in the Age of Paranoia.”

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