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The Finders: The Movie! Featuring Boys' Bible Study (the podcast)

The return of our favorite Christian film review podcast

In this episode of Failed State Update, Joseph L. "Lenny" Flatley goes toe-to-toe with the hosts of the Boys' Bible Study podcast. The Bible Boys, as we call them, wade deep into the murky waters of the Christian pop culture industry, reviewing the weirdest and most interesting independently produced films with a certain message. Since that message often includes far-right and Christian nationalist propaganda, their reviews should be of particular interest to Failed State Update listeners. Besides, the podcast is really, really fun.

For the Bible Boys' second appearance on Failed State Update we discuss the film The Finders by conspiracy theorist auteur/New Jersey's own Tracy Lucca. You might recall that in real life, The Finders was an alternative lifestyle commune that got sucked into the satanic panic in the 1980s. The group no longer exists, but its memory is kept alive by a whole generation of conspiracy theorists who claim that the community was actually a cult that engaged in kidnapping and the ritual abuse of children for the CIA. The whole thing is absurd. It's also the mythology behind Lucca's film.

Here is some background in case you're curious about the real, actual Finders, as opposed to the myth:

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