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You might remember Gabriel of Urantia a/k/a TaliasVan of Tora a/k/a Tony from Pittsburgh, the leader of a UFO cult in Arizona that we really can't get enough of. His is the perfect example of a crisis cult, the social unit that comes together when the world gets seriously weird and people start freaking out over it. His community predates the current dystopia by over three decades, but we'd argue that the problems that created this dystopia — American empire abroad, systemic racism at home, late-stage capitalism run amok, and the crisis of faith that is modernity — were in full swing in the 1980s when Tony Delevin from Uptown in Pittsburgh created this character Gabriel.

I just got off the phone with one of my spies in Gabriel's compound. I don't want to reveal too much, because I don't want to out this person, but suffice it to say that Gabriel's cult, the Global Community Communications Alliance (GCCA) is really at home in the lead-up to a possible World War III that we're seeing in Ukraine. The end of the world has been nigh for these people several times already, so what's one more?

After our call, I thought I'd check in on Gabriel's social media and see what he has to say about the current moment if anything. At the very least, it should turn out to be rather amusing.

If you want more GCCA, be sure to check out my podcast, The So-Called Prophet from Pittsburgh. And pick up my book, New Age Grifter: The True Story of Gabriel of Urantia and his Cosmic Family, out now on Feral House.

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The GCCA has never been great for healthcare, as documented in my book New Age Grifter. When COVID-19 hit, the community locked down tight and let go most of its employees, but as of the last month or so they seem to be getting back to normal life. Gabriel's health is pretty bad, or so I hear, and I wouldn't be surprised at all if he is vaccinated, even if he's publicly an anti-vaxxer. 

In addition to being anti-vax, he's also a gun guy. Because of course he is. But he also manages to communicate this in the most insensitive way possible.

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Here, he restates the old line that "in order to change the world we must change ourselves" in the most inarticulate way possible:

And here he is pushing the company's latest business scheme, offering hypnotic past-life regression. As an example of its success here's Bree Gan, a follower whose "bouts of illusion" (whatever that means) were successfully treated by the community. 

This is the Global Temple, the New Age megachurch the GCCA has been working on for a few years now. It was completed, but the acoustics are so bad as to render it pretty much useless. They're going to have to gut it and start all over again with the interior. (The auditorium at the Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles also has famously bad acoustics.)

Below, Gabriel and his spiritual partner Niann describe their religion more succinctly than I ever could.

I can't help but think that this last one is about me:

UPDATE: How could I forget this one?