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Jeff Jansen, Mark Taylor, and the Trump Prophecies

When politicians become religious figures, you just might have a failed state (with apologies to Jeff Foxworthy)

Greil Marcus, in his book The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice, makes the point that prophets aren't speaking to God as much as reading the room — they know where a people are going, because they know where they're at. And if you're in the United States ca. 2020-2022, the name on everyone's lips is Donald Trump.

Mark Taylor, a former firefighter and the author of a book called The Trump Prophecies, claims that God began feeding him intel on the 45th American president back in 2011. These prophecies included some doozies, according to The Guardian:

Trump will serve two terms ... Barack Obama will be charged with treason and Trump will authorise the arrest of “thousands of corrupt officials, many of whom are part of a massive satanic paedophile ring.” Trump will also force the release of cures for cancer and Alzheimer’s that are currently being withheld by the pharmaceutical industry.

Liberty University actually turned Taylor's story into a feature film, an odd hybrid of narrative schlock and right-wing pseudo-documentary. In Form and Resonance, Emily Pothast describes it like this:

The last half hour of the film is a documentary designed to rally the Republicans’ evangelical base: a tear-jerking montage of veterans and their family members holding old photographs and folded flags, followed by talking head interviews with prominent conservatives including former US Representative Michele Bachmann and Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, who served as the United States Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under George W. Bush. During this part of the film, “liberty” and free market capitalism are discreetly substituted for evangelical Christianity. Faith is the hook, but we all know that the free market is the real reason we’re here.

Pro-Trump, anti-homosexual "prophet" Jeff Jansen

Pro-Trump, anti-homosexual "prophet" Jeff Jansen

A recent story in Newsweek ("For Christian Prophets Who Predicted Donald Trump's Reinstatement in 2021, No Apologies") introduced me to Jeff Jansen, the disgraced co-founder of Global Fire Ministries in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Jansen is one of many, many so-called prophets who have seen their predictions fall flat, only to double-down on the Trump train.

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Jansen, who told his flock that the military would install Trump in the White House in April 2021, was asked to leave his ministry in May, "for unscriptural and unbiblical behavior," according to a statement from his church. It then issued another statement in June, clarifying that his ouster "had nothing to do with his political stand or political beliefs." Apparently, the church feels no need to apologize for its policy of gun-toting ushers during Sunday services. 

"They'll shoot you because they're going to protect everybody else," Jansen said in a service in April 2021. "Just make sure you get them, just kill them, just shoot them dead."

Another Jansen quote from that epic church service: "Where are the men, where's the maleness?" He rounded this out with a warning about other, less manly congregations: "The church, the Ecclesia, the government of God, has been so neutered and so turned effeminate, almost homosexual, I'm just telling you straight up. Straight up. It's ridiculous."

It's been several months since Global Fire Ministries booted Jansen, and in that time he's set up shop in a large pole barn somewhere on Route 24 outside of Murfreesboro. It might be a step down from his old digs, but if a recent sermon of his is any indication, he hasn't gotten less insufferable:

You know what happened in Nashville, Tennessee on Christmas morning? That bomb took place. And it wasn't some guy in a van who wanted to commit suicide. That was a space war, that was a — that was a satellite strike. That's what it was. Taking out the Dominion server building where all the information for the election was."

Here's another good one:

They were Baal worshippers. Child sacrificing, Luciferian, that's what they were. So much like the Democrats, or the demokratos, the Luciferian agenda behind governments ... And it’s not just America, it’s global. It’s a global system that consumes children’s sacrifice and blood and adrenochrome [as a] currency for the purpose of you-know-what-for.” 

Far be it from me to stick up for the Democratic party, but this seems a little nuts.