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Valley Glen: The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the scene around 9:26 p.m., Sunday, Apr. 11, after receiving reports of a possible explosion on the 12700 block of West Archwood Street. According to LAFD, this was a significant explosion, causing severe damage to the home and leveling the garage with heavy debris in the street. A total of 7 occupants were home at the time. Two adult males were transported, one 59 year-old male with burn injuries and one 46-year-old male with non-life-threatening injuries. One adult male sustained minor injuries and declined LAFD transport. A 65 -year-old female and three children were all uninjured. One additional adult female (neighboring home) was evaluated for injuries and declined transport (for a total of 8 patients evaluated). There was no fire hazard and the gas leak is secured. The scene is now static and being de-escalated with resources being released. The operation transitioned to a cause investigation (no information at this time) with LAFD and LAPD in Unified Command, according to LAFD.

Jesse Castro, a neighbor 2 doors down from the incident, explained to reporters what the explosion felt like in the interview he granted to the news media on the scene. Jesse said the explosion was so loud that at first he thought it was an earthquake, then all his windows blew out. His next thought was that maybe it was a plane crash. Erik Scott, Public Information Officer for the Los Angeles Fire Department, was at the location discussing details of the incident with the news media. Both interviews were also covered by Key News.

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Keith Johnson Photojournalist, Key News Network