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Sylmar: The Los Angeles Police Department received a call around 8:28 p.m Sunday, Feb.28, regarding a shooting at a party on the 14000 block of Bledsoe Street. Party goers were leaving as police arrived at the location where the shooting was reported. A vehicle fled the location heading westbound on Olive View Drive in a Gray Chrysler sedan. Police units left the scene of the party and headed over to the intersection of Roxford Street and Foothill Boulevard regarding the suspect vehicle parked on the side of the street. LAPD requested an airship to assist with a spotlight. The air unit was flying low and giving commands to anyone inside the vehicle. LAPD deployed rubber bullets to the rear, passenger and driver windows. LAPD officers then moved in toward the vehicle and cleared it. They recovered a handgun and placed it in an envelope as evidence. LAPD is investigating the incident.

Oscar Sol Photojournalist, Key News Network

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