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Los Angeles: Approximately 12:30 a.m. Monday, Feb.1, 2021, the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a traffic collision call on the Southbound 110 Freeway just north of the 91 where one person was killed, and and three others injured in a wrong way collision.

A silver sedan was traveling northbound in the southbound #3 lane when it impacted an SUV and a black sedan. At this time, it's unknown why the vehicle was traveling the wrong way, but it was reported approximately two minutes before the collision occurred. California Highway Patrol confirmed off camera, that the wrong way driver caused the collision. LAFD resources extricated a woman who was briefly trapped in the overturned SUV at the scene. The Southbound 110 was closed by a "Hard Closure" by CalTrans for an unknown duration. The two passengers in the black sedan suffered minor injuries and were released at the scene. The driver of the wrong way vehicle was pronounced dead at the location.

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Zak Holman Photojournalist, Key News Network