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Hollywood Hills: The Canyon Country Store at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Kirkwood was the location for a protest at 4:00 p.m. Friday by some residents of the Laurel Canyon community over the proposed Los Angeles County City Council Commission redistricting of Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills.

A group of approximately 25-30 residents peacefully protested their concerns that the redistricting will divide the community leaving the rest of the neighborhood as part of another council district. Many voiced concerns over safety issues in the canyon that include fires, downed trees and power outages. The proposed new city council redistricting map on the Los Angeles County City Council Redistricting Commission 2021 website shows the division down Laurel Canyon Boulevard. 

"Every ten years following the U.S. Census, the Los Angeles City Charter requires that district boundaries for the City Council be redrawn so that each district is substantially equal in population," stated the Los Angeles County City Council Redistricting Commission in an announcement for public hearings on redistricting. 

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Kristen Stavola, Co-founder of Laurel Canyon United, interviewed by Key News at the protest location said the community has a very short time to make their voices heard to the redistricting commission. She said a draft map that "came out of nowhere" on Tuesday night, proposes the redistricting split right down Laurel Canyon Boulevard. 

'We've done so much work to unify this neighborhood," Stavola said, standing in front of the Canyon Country Store, a local market where many LC residents meet for coffee and socialize, as well as patronize the store. "This will now be (referring to the store side of the boulevard) part of Hollywood Hills West, and across the street will be Laurel Canyon."

"There's so much development happening and it's really important right now that we come together as an entire hillside community and protect our ridge lines, our wildlife, our open space, and public safety is the most important issue." 

Stavola also said there has not been any definitive reason why this is happening to Laurel Canyon, but the line has been moved and it came to Laurel Canyon Boulevard. 

"Laurel Canyon does not want to be divided," stated Stavola. Laurel Canyon United website can be found here.